Breaking Ice

I step, cautiously yet with intention. I have a destination, although I have no idea where it is. Still, I know that each step I take brings me closer. Days melt into weeks. Weeks become months, which slip into another year.┬áSeasons pass, one by one, circling around again, if I’m lucky. Along the way, so much; and so many emotions. Too many to count, from one end of the spectrum to the other. Not unlike yours, I assume. Yet, wholly and completely…mine. The things that have made me who I am. Those that I realize, those that I don’t. Those I’m proud of, and those I’m not. Those that I nurture, those that I work to change. Those that I engage, as well as those that I try to ignore. They’re all here, with me; are me. They are my stories. The stories I share, and the one’s I don’t. The stories that are still being written, and the one’s that are behind me. They work to describe me, and my perspective in this world. This is who I am.

This moment, as I step, the snow on the ground crunches underfoot. This season is cold, but only outside. Inside, my life is warmer than it’s ever been. I am lucky. I think about the past, I think about this moment, and I ponder the future. Like you, I assume. Some answers I have… I think. Many more, I’m certain, I do not. Still, I ask the questions. I will always ask the questions. That’s my journey. Some steps are on solid ground. So many more are not, requiring focus and balance to avoid loosing footing. Yet still, we fall. Everyone falls. In this moment, I try to focus as I hear the cracking below me. It’s ice. The ice below me is cracking, but I’m not afraid. I am prepared. This is my life, and I’m excited to see where it takes me. Now that the ice is broken… Welcome to my Blog.


  1. Diana Richardson

    So this was the beginning of your blog. What a great start. I hope everyone that reads this blog will feel what you are writing like. I did. I am so glad to see you releasing the words that have always been inside you.

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