The Burning Embers

I have things: ideas, thoughts and feelings that have been burning within me for many, many years. At times, I can feel them clawing inside me, gnawing and tearing at my fleshy walls, yearning to see the light of day. For what purpose, I do not know. Yet, they are there, and they are mine. Ironically, I do not understand them. Stitched together, I can only assume, by experiences, dreams, thoughts and ideas, these creatures have been seeded in my psyche by numerous sources; most of which are but intangible, enigmatic elements of my personal experience; and tended, most haphazardly, I must admit, by my curiosity to understand their presence and, ultimately, a desire to give them life. These yearnings, feelings, ideas, should they ever succeed and see the light of day, may not be popular, and may never make any legitimate, collective impact. I realize this, and I’ve often found myself trying to ignore them as a result, albeit never entirely. They’ve always been a part of me. Lurking in the shadows, looming just below the surface, loyally waiting to be recognized and chosen, like a good book on a shelf, ready at a moment’s notice to tell its story, and unleash its power. My fear is that, perhaps, over time, I have failed them by not being persistent and focused in giving them a voice; an independent existence. I often wonder if they still trust in me; in my desire to breathe life into them.

I respect creativity. I relish intellect. I yearn for knowledge. Engaging in the pursuit of knowledge is, I believe, one of humankind’s greatest responsibilities as sentient beings. Ultimately, to know, is to challenge the status quo. To know, is to rise above. To know, is to improve. To know, is to progress; to evolve. Creativity, throughout history, has proven to be a most effective means of shaping our understanding, in transcribing the human experience, offering insight into the world we share, and also into the many worlds we do not share. Creativity, has told our individual stories, as well as our collective story, over and over, in so many forms, throughout time.

So, today, I’m turning inward, and I find myself staring directly into the face of the creative yearnings, ideas and desires within my soul. In the darkness, they flicker before my eyes, like tiny embers that have never died, resisting being forgotten before they’re ever known. It seems they understand, should I die before giving them life, they, too, will die. They have been patiently awaiting my arrival, and our collaboration. That is what this is about for me; this channel… this avenue. Practice in focusing, and giving form to the creative burning inside of me. Fanning the embers, and seeing what may rise from the ashes.

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